Joyce Mellom has practiced workers compensation in Minnesota for over 20 years. Ms. Mellom was formerly a staff attorney at the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals and then worked in-house for an insurance company. She has had her own practice since 1995 and has zealously represented hundreds of injured workers around the state, maximizing their benefit recovery either by trial or mediation. Ms. Mellom is well-respected by the judges and feared by the opposing counsel. Ms. Mellom gets excellent results for her injured clients.

"I have a passion for using my understanding of the legal system to help people and families recover financially, professionally, and emotionally from injuries.  I am a strong and vocal advocate for my clients within a system that's complex and bureaucratic.  I'm highly responsive to my clients and maintain a high-level of quality and personal service."

Call Joyce Mellom for a free consultation.  She will listen to your story and explore your legal options with you.